Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update: I am Still Here, But.....

Hi everyone.

I am happy to announce that May 4th we welcomed the newest member to our family.

C.K.and her toys

Which means I am not pregnant anymore, but I am sleep deprived and running around like a goofball after three little ones six and under. It doesn't give me much time to blog, manage my facebook group, or apparently even read blogging comments (I had 18!).

The good news, to all you pregnant mamma's out there that have Hyperemesis Gravidarium - it goes away pretty much instantly after you have the baby. I was sick several times a day up until I gave birth. I had little C.K. and now nothing. I no longer take Zofran, and didn't even ask for a refill during my six week follow up.

So I apologize for not being around much. I still have emetophobia, but after the nine (actually ten) month long puke fest I feel like I have had so much exposure therapy to knock my phobia down to a seriously manageable level.  I can even touch raw meat and didn't go wild bleaching after we had a cookout. I am not 100% cured, but feeling pretty darn positive that I have gotten through my bought with emetophobia and I am just going to kick the rest of the fear that is left in me out whether it wants to leave or not.

So stay tuned for more updates, how I am doing, wether I will every do anything with my facebook Emetophobia group, and when I am going to get around to writing that darn e-book.

Best wishes,



Felle said...

Welcome back!

Felle said...

Welcome back!